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Rue du Vieux-Collège 10BIS, 1204 Genève
Monday to Saturday 11h00 to 3h30


We make our bagel bread daily, kneading, boiling and baking it on the spot. This Genevan bagel is made with organic, unbleached, stone-ground flour from Verpillères Farm in Choulex. We favour local seasonal products and offer a choice of 5 different bread : plain, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic and parmesan and the famous “everything”.


Choice of bagel

Plain – Sesame seeds – Poppy seeds – Garlic & cheese – “Everything”

Genevan Bagels

Eaux-Vives CHF 11.-

Parma Ham, mozzarella, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, seasonal salad

Champel CHF 11.50

Pastrami, pickles, caramelized onions, melted cheddar cheese, plain cream cheese, honey mustard

Cologny CHF 12.-

Smoked salmon, onions, lemon-juice, cream cheese with chives, seasonal salad

Bagel of the moment “Le Vieux-Collège ” CHF 16.-

Raclette cheese, Grisons meat, paprika chips, gherkins, onions, honey mustard

Grottes (veggie) CHF 10.-

Aubergine, goat’s milk cheese with nuts, sundried-tomatoes, plain cream cheese, honey mustard, seasonal salad

Plainpalais CHF 10.50

Chicken with tartar sauce, melted PDO Gruyère, onions, cream cheese with chives, seasonal salad

Carouge CHF 9.50

Cooked zucchini and onions, mozzarella, pesto, tomatoes, olive oil

Bagel snacks CHF 5.-

Cream cheese – Peanut butter – Cenovis – Nutella – Jam – Ovomaltine – Organic honey

Saturday bagels with organic eggs

“Bacon & eggs” CHF 13.-

Maple syrup, bacon, scrambled eggs, melted cheddar, cream cheese with chives

“Salmon & eggs” CHF 14.- 

Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, cream cheese with chives

Home-made Soup

It changes regularly

2,5 dl CHF 5.50-

5 dl CHF 8.-


Muffins CHF 4.-

Brownies CHF 4.50

Pear compote CHF 5.-

Mini-cinnamon bagel CHF 3.-

Cookies CHF 4.-

Chocolate fondant CHF 4.-


Evian/Sanpellegrino  CHF 3.50

Home-made iced tea CHF 5.-

“VITALAY ” iced tea CHF 6.-

Apple juice CHF 4.-

Coca-Cola/ZERO CHF 3.-

Pineapple Ginger juice CHF 6.-

Hibiscus juice CHF 6.-


Do you have a question ? Would you like to order ? Do you need a catering services ?

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  • +41 22 311 24 24