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! During  the containment period take-out and delivery only !

Rue du Vieux-Collège 10BIS, 1204 Genève
Monday to Saturday 11am to 3.30pm

THREEKIDS is a bagel shop run by childhood friends from Geneva. It offers you fresh handmade bagels.

These Geneva bagels are kneaded, boiled and baked by the THREEKIDS every morning. They are prepared with organic, unbleached, stone-ground flour from the Verpillères Farm in Choulex. THREEKIDS offers you a choice of 5 different bread toppings : plain, sesame seed, poppy seed, garlic and cheese and the famous “everything”. These toasted bagels are filled on the spot and in front of the customer.


It is really simple to have your THREEKIDS bagels and their other products delivered. Just go onto the HOP Delivery and place your orders.


For the pick-up, go to the foodetective.co website or the foodetective app. We prepare your orders for a withdrawal from the store at the chosen tim



Choose your type of bagel : Plain – Sesame seeds – Poppy seeds – Garlic & cheese – “Everything”

THE bagel du moment

” Big Bacon ” CHF 15.-

Bacon, avocado, melted cheddar, onion, barbecue sauce, tomato, cream cheese, salad

The classics

Eaux-Vives CHF 11.-

Parma Ham, mozzarella, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, salad

Champel CHF 11.50

Pastrami, pickles, caramelized onions, melted cheddar cheese, plain cream cheese, honey mustard

Cologny CHF 12.-

Smoked salmon from Scotland, onions, lemon-juice, cream cheese with chives, salad

Grottes (veggie) CHF 10.-

Aubergine, goat’s milk cheese with nuts, sundried-tomatoes, plain cream cheese, honey mustard, salad

Plainpalais CHF 10.50

Chicken with tartar sauce, melted PDO gruyère, onions, cream cheese with chives, salad

Pâquis CHF 10.-

Tuna mousse, green peppers, melted cheddar, tortillas chips, tomatoes, onions, salad

Snack bagels

Cream cheese / Cream cheese with chives / Peanut butter  / Cenovis & cream cheese / Nutella –/ Jam & cream cheese /  Ovomaltine / Organic honey & cream cheese / CHF 5.-


“Bacon & eggs” CHF 13.-

Bacon with maple syrup, scrambled eggs, melted cheddar, cream cheese chives

“Salmon & eggs” CHF 14.- 

Smoked salmon from Scotland, scrambled eggs, cream cheese chives

Homemade soup (it changes regularly)

2.5 dl. CHF 6.- / 5 dl. CHF 8.50


Muffin CHF 4.- / Brownie  CHF 4.50 / Mini cinnamon CHF 3.- / Cookie CHF 4.-


S.Pellegrino CHF 3.50 / EVIAN CHF 3.50 / Homemade iced tea : Mint green tea (SUGAR FREE) CHF 5.- / Maroccan iced tea ” VITALAY ” CHF 6.- / Jasmine iced tea “ VITALAY “  CHF 6.- / Apple juice from the Cidrerie de Meinier GRTA CHF 4.- / Coca-Cola/ZERO CHF 3.- / Lemon, ginger & pineapple juice drink “ The Juicers “  CHF 6.- / Craft beer from Geneva “ CANOBEER ” CHF 6.-


You can either eat on the premises, or take your bagels away. To order, don’t hesitate to call us before eleven so that you won’t have to wait. We also offer a catering service in which you can chose the kind and size of bagel you want. If you would like to buy just the bagel bread, please place your order 24 hours in advance.

PDF menu in english with photos


Do you have a question ? Would you like to order ? Do you need a catering services ?

  • tcho@threekids.ch

  • commande@threekids.ch

  • +41 22 311 24 24